Developments in and around the Carpenters Estate

There appear to be on ongoing developments in and around the Carpenters Estate since rthe Olympics came to Stratford. Below is a map to highlight the new neighbourhoods and skyscrapers establishing there presence in and around the area.

New building locations in and around Stratford London

1. Choban Manor
Chobham Manor will provide 828 new homes and began taking its first residents back in 2015.

2. East wick
East Wick will provide up to 870 homes with a mix of housing types.

3. Sweatwater
Sweatwater will have mix of up to 650 homes including apartments and family homes.

4. Stratford Waterfront
Stratford Waterfront will provide about 780 new homes

5. UCL East Campus
There are three area that make up the student campus plan: Marshgate, Pool Street West and Pool Street East.

6. Pudding Mill
In total The Legacy Communities Scheme allowed for around 1,300 homes at Pudding Mill.

7. Strand East
The Strand East development will feature around 1,200 new homes.

8.  Three Mills West
Three Mills West built on the formed petrol station site will bring about 470 units onto the estate.

9. Duncan House
This replaces Duncan House building where St Patrick’s College was located and the new development will being around 276 units onto the estate.

10. Stratosphere
Located next to the Stratford Shopping Centre; the two towers will have about 300 apartments.

11. Stratford Central
Stratford Central tower located on the On the Great Eastern Road will hold about 157 apartments.

12. Capital Towers
Capital Towers located near the Bow roundabout flyer over will bring 191 apartments to the area.