Meeting: walkabout on the Carpenters Estate and a meeting afterwards with Carillion Ecopod

Greater Carpenters Neighbourhood Forum members are invited to attend a (rearranged) walkabout on the Carpenters Estate and a meeting afterwards with Carillion Ecopod from 5pm on Wednesday 19 August 2015.

Why the meeting

The meeting comes about as a result of both work carried out previously in putting together the Carpenters Community Plan (on refurbishment of homes on the Carpenters Estate rather than demolition) and the formal Examination in Public (EIP) of the London Legacy Development Corporation’s Local Plan which took place earlier this year.

Tower block refurbishment?

Many of the community groups and individuals (including Forum members) who attended the EiP argued that Newham Council’s estimated costs of refurbishment were entirely unreliable since they were: extremely out of date; did not set out clearly what essential or other elements were included and also the estimates were carried out just before the crash when building costs were sky high. In addition, there are now more innovative and less costly ways of refurbishing homes than in 2007. Newham said at the EiP that their estimated costs of refurbishment for each of the tower blocks on the Carpenters estate was £25m, while generally tower block refurbishments cost roughly between £3 and £7 million.

The inspector’s recent report from the EiP questions whether Newham’s assessments of refurbishment are sufficiently up to date and “whether the most reasonable option for this area in the future has been defined”.
This would appear to leave the door open for alternatives via the Greater Carpenters Neighbourhood Forum, possibly including a viable refurbishment scheme.

Carillion’s Ecopod system has been used in some tower blocks refurbishments in London and many in Birmingham. They have an online toolkit that enables them to assess the costs of refurbishment of any block or estate and are prepared to work with GCNF to look at refurbishment options using their Ecopod (environmentally sound) system. This could potentially be for for both homes and other community / workplace buildings in the Neighbourhood area. Carillion also has experience in applying for funding from Europe.

When & where is the meeting

We will meet at 5pm (on Wednesday 19th August) outside the Building Crafts College in Kennard Road. If you are unable to attend the walkabout but want to attend the meeting, we will be in the church hall, St John’s, Stratford from about 6pm.