Olympic Stadium LED wrap proposal

Olympic Stadium LED Wrap

What is happening?

There is planning proposal happening to build an LED screen to wrap around the Olympic Stadium.

The wrap comprises¬†a series of enormous LED screens which will extend 270 degrees around the outside of the stadium to display advertising. The screens and images will be 15 metres high (ie. the height of the stadium –¬†not just a banner around the top).

Here’s an artists example of how the LED wrap could look like on the Olympic Stadium all lit up.

LED wrap artwork

Will the lights be on all the time?

According to the Savills report, the wrap will be on for:

  • Football 7 hours a day x 55 days a year
  • Park events 7 hours a day 35 days a year
  • Rest of year 4 hours a day 275 days.

Will the light shine on local housing?

The LED board is not like the one in Stratford as you go up the stairs to cross the rails bridge to Westfield. The lighting for the Olympic Stadium appears to be dimmer reaching out to 300 metres from the stadium. The main diagram at the top of the page circles the reach of the lighting effect and from looking at the image there light spill ends at the railway.

You can read in more depth the proposed lighting here.

I want to find out more details?

You can access the planning applications on LLDC’s website:

Section 1 | Section 2 | Section 3

How can I have my say?

To comment on this application during the consultation period and until a decision has been issued please email planningenquiries@londonlegacy.co.uk.