Massive concrete block manufacturing plants head to Stratford

Concrete block manufacturing plant

There has been an application for full planning permission for a concrete block manufacturing plant (incorporating offices), a ready-mix concrete plant and parking and storage areas. With all aggregates delivered by rail and products exported via access to Marshgate Lane.

Where is this area?

Land at Bow East Goods Yard, Pudding Mill Lane along the Green Way.

Pudding Mill map area

Where can I read more about the planning application?

Here’s where you can find out more about the planning application.

What impact on the Carpenter’s Estate and wider area?

There has been objections made to the planning application that cover the below concerns:

Noise and disturbance

The developer’s Planning Supporting Statement states (7.10) that the intended hours of operation will be 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, during which neighbouring communities will be subjected to ongoing industrial noise and disruption.

 Traffic generation and highway safety

The development would result in increased traffic congestion and risk to the public, with a fleet of industrial vehicles being deployed into an area populated by young families. The Planning Supporting Statement states that the Concrete Block Plant will result in approximately 100 vehicle movements per day ( 7.11.1) and the Ready-Mix Concrete Plant will result in approximately 120 vehicle movements per day (7.11.2), so a total of 240 vehicle movements per day, or 20 movements per hour (7.11.3).  No arrangements for collection or removal of generated waste have been specified.

 Risk of harm from reduction in air quality 

Hazardous dust and chemicals from cement-manufacturing activities and associated vehicle fumes will raise air pollution to dangerous levels, causing asthma and other negative health issues for the local population.

 Incompatible with local planning policies

It is at odds with LLDC’s plans of creating a new world-leading quarter facilitating artistic, academic, scientific and cultural institutions, along with new residential neighbourhoods and schools, to allow high-level industrial activity nearby to reduce the quality of life for everything around it.

Although the site historically has been zoned for industrial use, the soil was cleansed in preparation for use during the 2012 Olympic Games. In addition, the majority of surrounding land has now been re-zoned for residential and commercial developments.

The site is directly in front of the newly revamped Pudding Mill Lane station, now with the largest capacity on the DLR network, and with direct access to the Olympic Stadium and Stratford City Centre. It is also adjacent to a large section of the Greenway and will be viewed prominently from the Olympic Stadium. In view of the well-publicised and desperate need for new homes in London, it is a wasted opportunity to allocate prime inner-city land to heavy industry.

What are your thoughts and is this a good idea for the area?

4 thoughts on “Massive concrete block manufacturing plants head to Stratford

  1. There are applications for THREE adjoining cement plants PA Refs: 15/00368/FUL / 15/00400/FUL / 15/00414/FUL – to be situated on a 6.0 hectare triangular plateau on the southwest boundary of the London Borough of Newham at its junction with the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. This is the site used as the warm-up track for the 2012 Olympics, bordered to the north by the embankment of the Jubilee Greenway (pedestrian and cycle routes), with the London–Docklands Light Railway(DLR), Norwich mainline railway and Crossrail line to the southeast. All three applications (submitted individually) propose that the concrete plants will be licensed to operate ostensibly on a 24/7 basis, with associated noise and disruption and a cumulative total number of over 450 HGV movements per operating day. This equates to approximately 40 vehicles per hour, or 1.5 vehicles every minute.

    There has been no clear review or commitment given on how the resulting number of HGV movements will be directed away from the central area of the Olympic Park. All three schemes suggest that no routing restrictions are necessary because this is already a busy area, such that the addition of their vehicles onto the local network would not have an impact and would quickly disperse. In theory a significant number of vehicles could thereby link through the Park via the Loop Road and onto the highway via Carpenters Road, which would have an unacceptable impact on local amenity and the environment.

    This flies in the face of Sadiq Khan’s commitment to improve air quality in London –


  2. As a resident of Newham and living very close to this proposed development I cannot understand why I haven’t heard anything about this before. Surely this flies in the face of the Olympics legacy and drive for health and well being. Surely something the Mayor of London should be wholly against this!!!


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