Stratford station zone 2/3 and new entrance planned

Stratford tube and rail station to become zone 2/3

Which stations will this include?

  • The main Stratford station
  • The Stratford International station
  • and Stratford High Street station.

When will this happen?

Stratford, Stratford International and Stratford High Street stations will all become part of Zone 2 from January 2016.

Why is this happening?

It’s the Mayor of London’s plan to create a new cultural hub right here in Stratford on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park called the Olympicopolis making Stratford more accessible as part of the Olympic 2012 legacy.

What about the new entrance?

Planning documents are being put together for a new entrance into the Stratford station. It is early days and the vision is to have a new entrance to the Stratford tube station leading from the Carpenters Estate.

Stratford station

Stratford Regional Station. Aerial view of platforms Stratford Regional Station. Picture taken on 30 Jun 10 by Tom Last.

This new entrance to Stratford station will be right next to the end of the Jubilee line where there is currently the staff entrance and carpark. It is proposed that the new Carpenters entrance to Stratford underground and mainline station will be opened in later summer 2017.

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