BBC reports on Carpenters Estate redevelopment

The BBC reports on the plans for Newham Council to redevelop Carpenters Estate where there will be no provision made for the existing community.

Redevelopment of the estate

Tony Bird says…

“What makes the Carpenters Estate proposed redevelopment so bad – probably the worst that’s ever been in London – is that there’s no provision for the existing community” Tony Bird.

BBC report on the redevelopment of Carpenters Estate
Newham council say it is a ‘fantastic opportunity’

They say that there’ll be 2000 homes, including affordable housing and 1000 jobs.

Screenshot (34)

Watch the BBC’s news report

Should the Carpenters Estes be Redeveloped?

Share your views on the Carpenters Facebook wall

Mary features in the sad BBC report about the redevelopment of the Carpenters Estate.

Posted by Greater Carpenters Forum on Sunday, 6 Dece

mber 2015


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