Could a cement factory be your new eyesore neighbour?

Cement factory location in Stratford

Cememt factory location next to the Olympic Park

The above image as shown on OPCRD website shows in red the location of the proposed cement factory.

In 2015 a planning application was submitted for the creation of a new concrete and asphalt factory in London. It’s planned to be built right at the centre of the Olympic Park that’s surrounded by a densely populated residential area as shown in the above image.

With the creation of 3 huge concrete batching plants and an asphalt production plant it will have an impact on the area:

  • loss of green space
  • eyesore as it will be located next to the London Stadium and new/existing housing estates
  • running 24 hours a day 7 days a week noise and pollution would increase
  • about 900 heavy vehicles visiting the plant will make road congestion and air pollution increase
  • potential polluting of the waterways and an conservation impact
  • many other impacts to health and wellbeing.

Cement cloud

This short video shows you what a cement cloud would look like drifting across the densely packed residential area. This massive dust cloud footage was captured on 27 August 2016 when there was an incident at Bow Concrete.

Want to know more?

You can read up more on what is happening on the OPCRD website.

Read the full planning documents

Sign the petition

Live in the area?

Tell us what you think about the creation of a cement and asphalt factory near the Queen Elisabeth Olympic Park and housing estates below…

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