Greater Carpenters Neighbourhood Forum September meeting

The next Greater Carpenter Neighbourhood Forum members meeting will take place on Monday 5 September 2016 at 6.30pm.

Meeting place

We’ll meeting at the community Centre 17 Doran Walk, Stratford, E15 and we’ll be happy to see you there.

See map


  1. Update on listing Assets of Community Value – report (5 minutes)
  2. GCNF letter to Newham Council – re stock condition survey on
    Carpenters Estate (5 minutes)
  3. GCNF Neighbourhood Plan – first draft of policies. (1 hour)
  4. Evidence based documents (to support the plan). What do we
    have and what do we need? (15 minutes)
  5. Invite to LLDC to the next Forum meeting (15 minutes)
  6. GCNF Finances and support –making funding applications (15)
  7. AOB (5 minutes)

If you are not a member of the Greater Carpenters Neighbourhood Forum you can join us here.