Greater Carpenters Neighbourhood Forum 30 April 2019 meeting

The next Greater Carpenter Neighbourhood Forum members meeting will take place on Tuesday 30 April 2019 at 6.30pm.

Where is the meeting?

The location of the meeting will be held at Carpenters and Docklands Centre, 98 Gibbins Road.

See map


  1. Introductions to elected officers: Delores John-Phillip & Sazzad Khan (Joint Treasurers) Janiz Murray, & Victor Habelin (Joint Secretaries)
  2. Reports from elected officers: Janiz on speaking to the Greater London Authority at City Hall
  3. The Neighbourhood Plan: Approve the reports to be submitted with the Neighbourhood Plan to LLDC & What happens next.
  4. Meeting of Newham Mayor with Carpenters Residents, Wed 1st May: What does GCNF want to say. PEACH (People’s Empowerment Alliance for Customs House ) have been invited to the meeting by the Mayor
  5. Working Groups: What is the best way to develop the five working groups to supervise each of the Project areas listed in the Neighbourhood Plan?
  6. Date of Next Forum Meeting
  7. Any other business

Draft consultation statement


If you are not a member of the Greater Carpenters Neighbourhood Forum you can join us here.