Refurbishment vs demolition of the Carpenters Estate in Stratford

Financial case for refurbishment of the tower blocks is strong

So far, GCNF has not been able to get access to any reports commissioned by L.B. of Newham on the two main options for the Tower blocks on Carpenters Estate i.e. for the demolition of the 3 Tower blocks on Carpenters and new build flats to replace them and for refurbishment and re-letting of the three Tower blocks.

Information circulated recently by LB Newham gives estimates for the costs of refurbishment and for demolition. Without knowing the basis of these figures, it is difficult to assess their accuracy, but even as they are, they seem to make the case for the financial advantage of refurbishment and re-letting.

The two figures that matter the most important are:

  1. 1. the estimated cost of demolition and rebuild and
  2. 2. the estimated costs of refurbishment. James Jensen has looked carefully at these figures and has then researched best estimates for rebuilding (and the likely cost to local residents of ever living in one of them) and has come up with a strong financial case for refurbishment.

Read Jamie Jensen’s paper of refurbishment vs demolition

Briefing note comparing the Costs and Benefits of Refurbishment or Demolition of the Carpenters Estate in Stratford, East London prepared by Jamie Jensen for GCNF and Just Space June 2019 – pdf

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