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We’re local people that are planning to make a great place even Greater

Our beginnings were set in motion way back when the Carpenters Company gifted land to the local authority for social housing in the 60’s. In recent years the community has seen dramatic changes, which began to threaten their existence. As in the past, the East End spirit of unity through adversity was revitalised and spurred the creation of a new Neighbourhood.

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This neighbourhood will draw on our diverse mixture of businesses and residents – whether they are old or new, permanent or transient, sky scraper or house dwellers – to create a Forum that will enable us to influence the future development of our community.

Who are we?Who are we?

Here you can find about all the details in who we are and what we are trying to achieve.

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Carpenters aerial view of Carpenters EstateMap of the area

The Carpenters Estate is a large area and covers a variety of housing, education, retail and open spaces. Take a look at our map to see the area that it covers and what the area has to offer.

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I am not a member of the forum and what to be. How can I join?

If you working, living or have a connection to the Carpenter’s you can join using our online registration form.

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