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If you live on the Carpenters estate we want to here your ideas on what you would like to happen to the estate.

One thought on “Have your say

  1. I live locally and I find it outragous that these people are being decanted from their homes. The “redevelopment” plan is unclear and controversial. The council implies that a third of the homes will be affordable if the proposed regeneration project proceeds however that is often the case and having spoken to many residents of east London they are usually not affordable. Furthermore, I think it is a social cleansing plan as it will boost prices within the area. Newham Council have exaggerated the cost of possible refurbishing of the estate and allowing tenants to stay, I have reasons to believe that is an excuse to go forward the “regeneration plan”. If the council does proceed to demolish the towers I think the ideal solution would be that Dennison point (the most well kept of the towers and the one situated nearby stratford station) as it has direct links and it could house most of the families that are still fighting for their home on the estate. Leaving one tower block whilst demolishing the others has worked before for example the nightingale estate regeneration in hackney proved successful as not as many people lost their homes as one highrise (Seaton point was kept and refurbished) the same goes for various other council estates such as clapton park, holly street, woodpecker where hawked tower remains etc. Also repopulating Dennison Point would be beneficial as tenants of the other buildings would not be decanted far. This would also create more homes and would keep both the residents and council having a share

    Please note that i am sorry about the vagueness of this paragraph as i have not included much statistics or explained but I plan on becoming a member of all campaigns to save Carpenters and I believe there is always hope


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