Our achievements for 2016

Secretary’s report for Greater Carpenters Neighbourhood Forum AGM 2017.

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2016 – Asset of Community Value

Greater Carpenters Neighbourhood Forum made applications under the community right to bid to have the following buildings and land in the Greater Carpenters Neighbourhood Area listed as assets of community value in 2016: Carpenters Primary School, the Carpenters and Docklands Centre, the Carpenters Arms, green, open space adjacent to Denison House on the Carpenters Estate, the Community Centre/former TMO building on the Carpenters Estate and the Newsagents in Doran Walk.

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Our achievements for 2015

Greater Carpenters Neighbourhood Forum was formally designated by the LLDC in July 2015.

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And in 2013

Residents of the Carpenters Estate developed a ‘Community Plan’. This later led to the community on the Carpenters Estate and the wider Greater Carpenters Neighbourhood Area deciding to develop a Neighbourhood Plan.

The report highlights that were more than 200 responses to the consultation – a much higher response rate than any of the council’s consultations. Only three responders said that they did not feel it reasonable to consider all options to save and refurbish all estate homes and retain them as secure council housing.