Assets of community value

The right for communities to list ‘assets of community value’ through the ‘community right to bid’ was introduced in the Localism Act 2011.

TMO building

Listing of assets of community value

Greater Carpenters Neighbourhood Forum has achieved listings of the following assets of community value in the Greater Carpenters Neighbourhood Area:

  • Carpenters Primary School
  • Carpenters and Docklands Centre
  • Carpenters Arms (local pub)
  • Open space adjacent to Denison House
  • Community Centre (former TMO building), garages and car parking spaces
  • News agents on Doran Walk.

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In 2016 – Asset of Community Value

Greater Carpenters Neighbourhood Forum made applications under the community right to bid to have the following buildings and land in the Greater Carpenters Neighbourhood Area listed as assets of community value in 2016: Carpenters Primary School, the Carpenters and Docklands Centre, the Carpenters Arms, green, open space adjacent to Denison House on the Carpenters Estate, the Community Centre/former TMO building on the Carpenters Estate and the Newsagents in Doran Walk. Four of these have so far been listed as assets of community value by Newham Council and we are still waiting (nearly a year on) for Newham to respond about the Community Centre/ former TMO building and the newsagents.

The Community Right to Bid, which was introduced at the same me as Neighbourhood Planning, requires local councils to keep lists of ‘assets of community value’.

This is different from the listing of historic buildings. Community groups, such as Neighbourhood Forums, can nominate land or buildings that are important to them for addition to the local list. Nominated land or buildings can be of recreational, cultural or sporting interest.

Under the nomination process, as long as legal requirements, are met, the building or land must be listed.

Green space

Once listed, if the owners of the lad or property decides to dispose of it, the group that has nominated the assets to be listed can then say they wish to be a potential bidder for the disposal of the land or property.

Time is then provided (six months) for the community group to raise the funding to buy the building.


The Greater Carpenter Neighbourhood Forum could nominate buildings and land that are valued by the local community to be listed.

Application for assets of community value pending

The Forum also nominated the former TMO building and the newsagents in Doran Walk in 2016. The council has still not responded to this application.

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Localism Act 2011