Greater Carpenters Estate history

Building Crafts CollegeThe use of ‘Carpenters‘ in this area, such as – Carpenters Arms, Carpenters Road, Carpenters and Docklands Centre and Carpenters Estate comes from the ‘Worshipful Company of Carpenters’.

The Company, first established as a medieval trades guild, bought farmland here in the late 1700s. Later the land was used for industry and homes for factory workers.

In 1886 the Company set up an evening institute in Stratford with carpentry, joinery and plumbing classes. This later became a boys’ school. In 1883 the Company also set up its own Trades’ Training School. This was originally located in the West End but was relocated to Kennard Road in 2001 and is now the Building Cra4s College.

carpenters and docklands centre

The Carpenters and Docklands Centre (see below) grew from the Carpenters’ Institute and was originally set up as a social facility in the early 20th Century.

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